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Environmental Compliance


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Process Efficiency


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Cliff Lebowitz operates as an exceptionally cost-effective, independent reporting, editing, publishing, and business development firm from offices in New York, NY and Doylestown, PA. 


The company has been credited with delivering new business prospects at very competitive cost to sponsors of its third-party case histories. The firm also welcomes inquiries from those seeking needs addressed by its reporting for those sponsors, as shown in the samples offered through the Services page.


The Principal and Editorial Director, Clifford S. Lebowitz, formerly doing business as Indumark, a marketing communications agency, has reorganized as a business development agency.


In addition to functioning as an independent reporter, the Principal follows through to manage an agency function, as follows:


The primary service of the new agency continues to be case histories independently reported as Catalytic Objective

Synthesis(TM). These expertly-created documents have been credited by their sponsors in a broad range of industries as providing significant, cost-effective support for their business development efforts, by serving as catalysts for reactions between technology buyers and sellers, as well as providing for initial introductions.


Initially provided as 2-page, independently-published, dedicated newsletters such as the sample above, they are delivered as pdf's ready for emailing, website posting, and printing. When available site photos are insufficient, new site photography is included in the project. 


Sponsoring vendors put the documents to work themselves in sales support, and also contract with the agency for cold-calling campaigns soliciting interest in the documents, thereby revealing new prospects for the sponsors' sales efforts.


Supplemental value can be gained via trade magazine placement as feature articles, by the sponsoring vendor or by the agency---which is also available for consultation for taking further advantage, such as multi-purpose use of key end-user and engineer quotes.


The case histories usually describe large-scale industrial equipment applications, and are typically sponsored by the equipment manufacturers, but are not at all limited to that type of subject matter or sponsorship. 


Sponsors allow for independent and objective case history reporting, based on the agency's expert interviews of their customers and their customers' engineering firms, who in turn provide review and approval for accuracy and completeness.


The agency creates newsletter titles, headlines, and text to help busy readers quickly identify with their own needs, and also readily grasp key benefits that were realized.


The objective and straightforward approach, as well as assistance with highly targeted circulation, has jump-started new business proposals from the newsletter sponsors. The in-depth reporting, featuring concise articulation of key benefits, has probably also reduced selling time needed to close orders.


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